Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baily's Hospital Stay

The past 3 days have been filled with a whilwind of emotions! Sunday night, around 11pm, Baily started running a tempature of 102 degrees. Way too high for a baby that is only 5 1/2 weeks old! I called the doctor to see how much medicine to give her and they said I need to get to the ER as soon as possible. So after I gathered a few things for the big girls we were off. Mama dropped Emily and Kaitlynn off at Jay Mac's and met us at the ER. Baily's temp. there was 101.5 so they proceeded to run tests. They need urine and blood samples. This was hard to aquire since Baily was so small and dehydrated from the fever. After 3 needle sticks they were able to get some blood, however they soon came back to inform us that the blood had clotted before they got it to the lab so they would have to stick her again. This time it took them twice to get blood. Poor Baily 5 needle sticks and a cath. The first test they did on the blood came back okay, but they thought they needed to rule out Menangitus (SP?) so they said they would have to do a Spinal Tap :( I could not believe this! They tried twice, unsuccessfully, in the ER to do the spinal tap and decided that they would admit us and let another doctor try again upstairs. Finally at 7am, after a very long stay in the ER, they were able to get us a room on the 2nd floor in the pediatric wing. It took Dr. Martin 2 more tries before she was able to get the spinal fluid she need to grow a culture. They had to put in another cath. and start an IV for fluids to hydrate her and for antibiotics. At that point we were up to 12 needle sticks in our baby girl :( So after this horrible night and morning everyone one was sleep deprived and emotionally drained. Baily was not eating well and could not rest at all! This made for an extremely long, long day. We had so many people call and visit and pray for our sweet baby girl. Thanks so much to each of you! The 24 hour culture tested showed there was not any bacteria growing, our first good news in about 36 hours! The IV fluids were beginning to hydrate her, however she was still running fever (not as high, between 99.7 & 100.9 degrees), and still not eating well and very cranky. Around 6pm on Tuesday Baily was finally able to rest for about 1 1/2 hours and things started to turn the corner in a good direction. Then about 8pm her IV site went bad, vein collapsed or clotted they were not sure, so we had to put another IV in. It took them 2 times before they were able to get this IV started :( That made a total of 14 needle pokes :( :( :( Tuesday night went much better and Baily was able to rest for 2-3 hours at a time and was eating much better! Around 11am we recieved the wonderful news that the spinal tap came back negative! They said that if the blood and urine cultures came back negative we could go home!!!!! So at around 1pm on Wednesday the best news came that we were getting to go home!! Of course it took until 3:30pm for them to discharge us, but finally around 4:00pm we were at home with all three girls asleep! Baily was a little chranky in the evening, but once she finally went to sleep she slept most of the night, only waking up once to eat and then go back to sleep! God truly blessed us by watching over our sweet little Baily Caroline! We give him all the credit! Thanks so much to everyone for their care, concern, calls, visits and especially their prayers! Baily is getting back to her old (6 weeks old) self! Just wish she did not have to go through all of that trama but thankful that she will not remember it! Will post some pictures of our hospital stay soon.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Emily Receives 1st Place at Tumbling Meet!

Emily standing proud as she gets her 1st place medal!! Emily kept waving at us in the stands!
I wonder what they were saying to each other?

Look at that cartwheel! Both legs off the ground!

Emily and her Proud Mama! Way to go Emily!

Emily showing off her 1st place medal!

Emily had her 1st Tumbling meet of the season today in Idalou. She did an awesome job and has improved so much in the year she has taken lessons! Today she received a 1st place medal, which was outstanding! She was so proud and we were all so proud of her!!! Here are a few pictures from the meet today!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baily Caroline Smith

Sweet Baily Caroline came into our lives at 4:51am on October 5, 2010. She weighed 6lbs 12oz and was 21 inches long! She was welcomed by her two big sisters Emily and Kaitlynn still in their P.J.'s! Also there to welcome her was Mommie, uncle's Jay Mac and David and anut Renee'. What an exciting time in our lives!! We already love you so much sweet little Baily Caroline!

Baily Caroline just a few hours old!

Bigest Sister Emily holding Baily!

Smile for the camera Baily!

Just love the bow they put on the hat from the nursery!
Sleeping Beauty!

Mama with her three little girls, Emily, Kaitlynn and Baily!

Sound asleep after her first bath!

Mama looking at sweet Baily Caroline, just a few hours old!

Uncle Jay Mac filled in this chart in the delivery room!

Aunt Renee' holding Baily for the first time!
Doesn't she look good for 5am!

Uncle David holding Baily for the first time!

Uncle Jay Mac holding Baily for the first time!

Emily kissing Baily for the first time!

Kaitlynn was still a little sleepy eyed when she met her baby sister!

Kaitlynn kissing Baily for the first time!

Proud Big Sisters!

Mommie holding Baily for the first time!

Emily is all smiles and ready to meet her newest little sister Baily!

Proud Mama and Beautiful Baily Caroline!

Proud Daddy holding Baily Caroline!
He too is still in his P.J.'s!

Mama still a little sleepy eyed!
4:51AM is a little early for her but well worth it!!

Mama, Daddy, Baily and Dr. Joanna Burke

Where has the Time Gone?

Where has the time gone? I did not realize that it had almost been a whole year since I last posted anything on this blog :( A lot has changed in the Smith house in one year!! We added a dinning room, playroom and basement to our house and most exciting is that we also added Baby Smith Girl #3 on October 5, 2010. Sweet little Baily Caroline! I am going to post pictures of the last year, probably in retrograde, but at least they will get posted! Time flies when you are enjoying the ride of raising children!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Emily's 1st Tumbling Meet!

Emily had her 1st tumbling meet today, Nov. 7, 2009, in Idalou. We had to be there at 8:45am, which is very early for Emily! She did an awesome job on her 2 passes. She had to do 4 cartwheels and she did them all! She was the youngest tumbler there so with all things considered coming in 2nd place was a great accomplisment!

Emily waiting for her turn, a little sleepy eyed still.

The spider walk!

After recieving her 2 place medal!

She was so proud of the medal. She ran up into the stands to show her Daddy and Kaitlynn!!!

Look what they gave me for doing such a great job!!!

On the winners stand :)

At 11:00pm asleep in her P.J.'s or Baya's as Emily calls them.
She wore her medal ALL day long and even fell asleep with it on. She is so proud of it!!!!! And we are so proud of her!!!!!!!!!!

As we were waiting to see what place she recieved Emily wanted to watch herself do her pass on the video camera. She watched it over and over again, along with Kaitlynn. What a great day!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Emily's 3rd Birthday!

WOW! I cannot believe our baby girl Emily is already 3! It has been the best 3 years of my life. She is a joy to be with all the time. And her little sayings, for example when she says excuse me it comes out "Hootius". Now you can catch all of us saying hootius for excuse me :) She is into so many things these days! She started Tumbling lessons the first of September and is really loving it. She has a meet tomorrow, her first one, and hopefully she will do great. The only thing I worry about is that it starts at 9am and Emily has never been a morning person :o Also this fall she started Violin lessons, as I am sure you guessed by the pictures of her holding her new little violin. She likes violin lessons too, however they are much more difficult than her tumbling lessons. She is coming along though. She knows all the parts to the violin, resting and playing position and has just learned the names of the 4 strings (Gabby the G string, Dori the D string, Anna the A string and Emily the E string), can you guess which one is her favorite? She learned Dori and Anna first and when I was working with her during the week I asked her to show me Dori and she did and then I asked her what the other strings name were and she said Nemo (I just thought this was too funny, she actually remember that on Finding Nemo the blue fish trying to help find Nemo's name was Dori) Too bad the musical alphabet does not go up to N only to G. One of the sweetest thing Emily does is holding Kaitlynn's hand. She will hold Kaitlynn's hand when we are riding in the car. She will hold it while we are walking and best of all she always wants to hold Kaitlynn's hand when she goes to sleep. The girls are sleeping together in the toddler bed in their room now. Kaitlynn always falls asleep before Emily does and so when Emily crawls into bed with her she promtly finds Kaitlynn's hand and then tells us good night :)
Emily recieved many presents for her birthday, one of which was a fish tank. She absolutly loves it. We have 11 big fish and 2 or 3 baby fish (depends on the day you look, they keep hiding from us). We were told the fish would probably have babies, however I thought we would have them more than 3 days before they had them. The girls both love watching the fish and of course feeding the fish. She also recieve a new bicycle which she calls her "NEW BIKE" all the time. Her bike riding skills have improved so well since she recieved her new bike (Thanks Mommie!). She even rode all the way to "Mommie's" (my mother) house and back to our house tonight.
We went to have her 3 year check up this past Monday (Nov. 2, same days as we took these pictures). Emily was almost 37 inches tall and weighed 33 pounds. The doctor was happy with how much she had grown.
Oh, the biggest news with Emily right now is that she is finally potty trained. As Shelby says, it is like it happened over night (well that is because he is not with her all the time like I am). It did seems like once she figured out what all was going on she got it. I don't even have to ask her if she needs to go, she just goes into the bathroom when she needs to go and after she comes out she tells me "Mama, I Hee,Heed in the potty". Last week as we were going from Lubbock to Church on Wednesday night, Emily said "Mama, I have to go Hee, Hee", I asked her if she could wait until we got to church (5 minutes away) or if I needed to pull over so she could Tee, Tee on the side of the road. She said "Pull over, I have to go Hee, Hee". So I did. This was a first for us, to Tee, Tee on the side of the road, but much better than a wet carseat!!!!!
What a joy the last 3 years have been, watching Emily grow up. She told me the other day that her "Baya, Haya (baby Kaitlynn for those of you who do not speak Emily's language) is big like ME!" Well, Kaitlynn is not quite that big yet, but they sure do have fun playing with each other, just like 2 little puppies playing with one another :)

The many faces Emily makes!

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well we have been busy, busy, busy the past couple of months. With Kaitlynn's Birthday in September and Emily's in October I figured I needed to post on those two happenings. I will post these seperately and hopefully with many pictures!!!!